The Hottest Architectural Styles in Monument, Colorado

The Hottest Architectural Styles in Monument, Colorado

Monument, Colorado, known for its gorgeous scenery and variety of outdoor activities, is inarguably one of the most captivating places in the state. If you're considering moving to the Monument area or are considering the benefits of life in Monument, you may have a specific architectural style in mind. Fortunately, Colorado properties have a variety of potential architectural styles, which means you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're interested in a historic home, with all its beauty, or a modern luxury home with the latest finishes and amenities, Monument’s architecture has something for everyone. Read on to discover all the different styles of homes Monument has to offer!

American Craftsman homes

As you explore homes for sale throughout Monument, you'll find several American Craftsman-style homes. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 20th century, these homes focus on using natural materials to create highly functional homes. Instead of the intricate details in many pieces of Victorian architecture, Craftsman homes generally have large porch columns, overhanging eaves, and clipped gables. Craftsman-style homes have open floor plans with connected spaces, particularly in the living areas, kitchen, and dining space. Monument also has bungalows in the Craftsman style, which use many of the elements of a Craftsman-style home but are just one or one and a half stories tall instead of reflecting the larger size of the Craftsman home.

Ranch homes

Ranch-style homes are usually single-story homes that sprawl over a more expansive space instead of climbing skyward with multiple stories. They typically have low-pitched roofs, open floor plans, and large windows that help let in natural light, allowing homeowners to take full advantage of their properties’ space. Like other Colorado home styles, ranch homes often incorporate sizable outdoor living areas so that residents can enjoy the gorgeous scenery from the comfort of their homes.

Mid-century modern homes

During the mid-century modern movement, homes were created with bold elements, straight lines, and natural materials. Many mid-century modern abodes incorporate the interior and exterior in a smooth progression, with large glass windows and doors, terraces, and porches that are natural extensions of the home's design. Typically, mid-century modern homes have immaculate lines and functional elements. They let in plenty of natural light and often prioritize outdoor living spaces, including patios and porches. This focus on outdoor living makes them optimal for many Monument residents, who often move to the area to take advantage of Colorado's fantastic weather, wide open spaces, and enthusiasm for outdoor sports.

Farmhouse homes

The farmhouse style is standard throughout Colorado. While they were made famous by farmers and agricultural workers, these homes are also highly desired by many Colorado residents who appreciate the large living spaces and open kitchens. Farmhouses often include a classic front porch and wooden siding, coming together to create a charming appearance. Farmhouse-style homes are known for their minimalist construction and large living spaces with considerable storage, making them a perfect choice for busy families.

Mountain rustic homes

Mountain rustic homes blend natural elements like stone and wood to create a stunning natural look that blends beautifully into the mountains. Due to its full view of Mount Herman, Monument has plenty of mountain rustic residences ideal for nature lovers who want to embrace the area's natural beauty. Mountain rustic homes typically have low-pitched roofs to withstand snowfall during those chilly Colorado winters. Inside, you'll find the comforts of a cozy mountain cabin with all the luxuries you could ask for, including exposed timber beams and a stone fireplace, perfect for enjoying hot cocoa in the colder months.

Contemporary homes

Contemporary homes are created with a modern look in mind. They typically feature a minimalist style, including clean lines, considerable open space, and natural light. Contemporary homes are constructed with materials like glass and metal to help create a more modern look. Their functionality and simple, elegant appearance attracts luxury home buyers interested in timeless design.

Colonial homes

Reflecting the earliest home styles in the United States, colonial homes have many variations due to their popularity and common use. They are often modified to fit the needs of a specific geographic region. However, they tend to have several common elements. First, they generally have a two-story design with classic exterior brick, wood, or stone. Each level contains symmetrical windows that help create an image of balance across the property. Colonial homes also typically have either a large single fireplace near the center of the house or two fireplaces, one on either side of the home, for extra heat during those colder winter months.

Prairie-style homes

Prairie-style homes are created to evoke the sensation of wide, open spaces from which they draw their name. They have low-pitched roofs that help stave off the heat of Colorado summers while allowing the home to support snow during cold winters. Like many other home styles popular in picturesque Monument, prairie-style homes often have large windows that help let in natural light and allow homeowners to take in the stunning vistas just outside the window. They feature distinct, clean lines and are often made with natural materials, including stone, brick, and wood.

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